Tanner Walker


Tanner has been immersed in physical practices his entire life. Researching a wide variety of movement disciplines, from martial arts and dance, to strength and conditioning, has led to expanding not only his knowledge resources within physical training, but into those supporting structures of nutrition, psychology, sleep hygiene, nature/tribe connection, and the importance of a full spectrum perspective. He is passionate about using his tool set to assist others in unleashing their full potential as a human, through the process of developing an optimal and robust practice.

“ The reason we have brains is to produce and learn complex movement. To improve and upgrade your organism, use the most powerful tool, which is your ability to learn new movements.”

Ido Portal Movement Camp 2016

Poliquin Foundations of Periodization & Program Design

Institute for Integrative Nutrition:  Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Health, Performance and the Human Predicament, Exuberant Animal Training with Frank Forencich

Strength Sensei's Advanced Program Design