Jake Michael


With a natural curiosity and love of learning, Jake is a self-proclaimed continuing education junkie studying many different forms of physical practice and collecting certifications across a wide range of movement modalities. He believes wholeheartedly that movement has the power to change lives and has a passion for sharing what he has learned.  Jake believes each client is unique and there is no one size fits all approach, no right way to move. Realizing that no-one has all the answers has allowed him the space to learn, grow, and ultimately empathize better with his clientele


Mentorship student of Jozef Frucek, Fighting Monkey Founder

GMB Trainer

Movnat Level 2 Trainer

Stott Pilates Instructor L2 

Yamuna (myofascial) certified

Zenga Instructor

Halo certified 

FRC certified

Kinstretch certified