Upcoming Events


Get stronger and more flexible to climb harder for life.  We will be hosting periodic workshops with Mercedes Pollmeier to get you climbing stronger and injury free.  

Thur July 22, 6-7:30pm

In the meantime, check out Mercedes' company Modus Athletica for her approach on effective climbing and outdoor nutrition. 

This women's only training pulls together fundamental techniques from Brazilian Jiujitsu, Wrestling, kickboxing and Filipino martial arts with an emphasis on escaping from the most common assaults on women from hitting, grabbing, and on the ground. These techniques have been modified over many years of experience teaching this class to emphasize dealing with a bigger and stronger attacker. Our aim is to create a safe space for this very important material that addresses the reality of assaults against women with no-nonsense instruction but with a recognition that this is a very emotional subject.

Instructor:  Jarlo Ilano

Weekly Women's Self Defense Class


Every Sunday


Location: Fremont Gymnasium

*Free for members, or as part of a multi-class pack purchase


Date TBD

$55 (member) $70 (non-member)

Zero to 60 Second Handstand Workshop

 --Level 1-- 

Interested in learning how to balance in a freestanding handstand? Tired of endlessly kicking up without making progress?

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn the process for developing a freestanding handstand of 10, 30, and then 60 seconds. No experience is necessary. The beauty of learning to handstand, is that everyone starts at zero. You do not need to be at a certain level to start practicing. To quote Roye Goldschmidt, "Hard work has no levels." 

Instructor: Tanner Walker

You will learn:

- The fundamental principles of balance and counterbalance

- Joint prep and mobility work for increasing your range of motion and building resilient tissues. 

- How to develop specific strength and endurance for your handstand practice.

- Drills to improve the motor control in your hands for counterbalancing. 
- Safety measures for practice, so that you can practice effectively with low risk of injury. 
- An introduction to how to design a program for your handstand sessions (volume/intensity/frequency of training). 

Proven process + hard work = results

Things to bring: Pen, notebook, bottle of water. 


Natural Physical Education.  MovNat follows 12 principles that will guide you through more natural and functional movement. We will be hosting occasional workshops throughout the year.  



Periodically changing perspective and focus is important to us.  To do this we will be featuring books we like that address different member questions on movement and health.  By reading through a book together we can design custom classes and have Q&A sessions with authors and experts in each field. Our first book and Q&A  is with Todd Hargrove.  

Past Events


Join us and celebrate the solstice and our new existence with music that makes you move, drinks that make you move and food that...makes you move. 



June 19th

Fremont Gymnasium




Learn Wim Hof breathing in Seattle! Plunge into cold water and let your breath be your guide to immunity and well-being in a beginner and advanced 2 day workshop.  


You have the option of participating in one or both days. 


Instructor: Luke White

June 19th and 20th    2021