Our classes below blend elements of more traditional disciplines of strength training, gymnastics, yoga, dance, martial arts, pilates with newer methods like Fighting Monkey, GMB, GST, MovNat, Tom Weksler and many more. 

Many people in our classes say it's like nothing they've ever done before. Come experience Fremont Gymnasium for yourself!

FG Strength

technique -power - control 

This class explores a new approach to functional strength.  It is thoughtfully developed starting with traditional methodologies and progressing with a unique approach to bodyweight training and skill-based progressions. 


Movement Lab

exploration - movement - play


Dive in to commonly neglected areas of physical training in this wide ranging exploration of movement modalities.  Inspired by practitioners such as Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey and GMB.  Designed to enhance coordination, balance, power, agility and motor control.  

Full Range

flexibility - mobility - control

Spend time at your body's boundaries to expand useful range of motion and find new dimensions of strength. These classes go deep on a wide variety of flexibility and mobility disciplines to help you build better movement capacity.


Physical Conditioning

intensity - stamina - metabolic endurance

Circuit-style interval training classes promoting general physical preparedness.  Work your foundational athletic attributes with highly varied routines designed to complement and build on our other training regimens. 


Play - Empower - Rejuvenate 

All too often as we age, we forget to move.  This class encourages people of any age and mobility level to play again.  Learn practical movements to help in your daily life as well as an accessible routine to reduce discomfort and maintain that youthful version of you.  

These classes will start in July!

Stay tuned for more details.