Because fitness is never just one thing we teach an adaptive, multi-disciplinary approach. It’s about improving the experience of being in your body and developing an increased sense of physical and emotional well-being. Continually growing and adapting in pursuit of true physical freedom so you can keep doing the things that you love to do, whatever that might be, forever.


In practice we pull from a wide variety of sources to promote long term and well-rounded fitness. Blending elements of more traditional disciplines of strength training, gymnastics, yoga, dance, martial arts, pilates with newer methods like Fighting Monkey, GMB, GST, MovNat, Tom Weksler and many more. Keeping what is useful, discarding what is not. We all take this journey together, adapting and learning as we go. A true practice, without the constraints and limitations of a specific field or discipline, where we can use what is most appropriate given the context.


Unique methods requires a unique space. For this reason, we created an adaptable training space designed to cater to everything from meditation and mobility to Olympic weightlifting. We have thought through every detail and use only the highest quality equipment to provide you the best possible training experience. Think of our gym as an adult playground outfitted to allow the fullest range of physical expression, exploration, play, and growth.